Deborah Pejak is an amazing trainer. I'm 56 and I can tell you she can balance the "push" and the "grace" to make me want to do more! She's very instructional, motivating, and will not give in! She is a powerful leader that causes me to want to be a better woman! Many thanks to this woman who is creating more that just physical results!
- Facebook Review
Deborah's calling is to support your transformation into health and empowerment!!
- Facebook Review
I really appreciate having someone stand by me and teach me how to get the most out of my workout. what a blessing! Thank you so much!
- Facebook Review
Personal Trainer, Claremore, OK

What is “Unlimited Access”?

  • Weightlifting-Boot Camp-HIIT-Bodyweight/Primal movement-TRX – applicable to age 8-88
  • Fitness assessment every 6-7 weeks
    • body measurements/body fat percentage
    • postural and movement assessment
    • strength assessments
  • Personalized workouts, in person or online
  • Private Facebook community, contests and prizes
  • Accountability check-in’s
  • Nutrition advice and education
  • Goal setting
  • Access to MMA-focused strength and conditioning classes at Claremore Jiu-Jitsu plus discount on jiu-jitsu classes
  • For online only you get the same benefits of in-person sessions and the convenience of being able to train in your own home or gym even if you don't live in Oklahoma. Deb will work with you to schedule monthly and weekly check-in's via Skype or Zoom.

Current Classes

Warrior ELITE
$100 / month
  • Fitness/Nutrition Consultation, Measurements and Progress tracked during 3 months
  • One life/Wellness Coaching Session
  • Access to Trainer via Text or email
  • Customized, Trainer-led Workouts--Weights, Mobility, Balance and Cardio
Workout Warrior
$50 / month
  • Semi-Guided Training Program
  • Access to the Gym when the Doors are Open to the Public
  • One Fitness/Nutrition Consultation every 3 Months
  • Access to Trainer via Text or email
  • New Workouts Posted Daily with Demo Video on the Facebook Page
Youth Athletic Training
$100 / month
  • Strength, Conditioning, and Agility Training
  • Customized Workouts for your Student’s Specific Sport
  • Nutrition Help
One-on-One Personal Training
$25 / Session
  • In Person or via Zoom/FaceTime with Trainer
  • Monthly Fitness/Nutrition Consultations, mMasurements and Progress Tracked
  • Access to Trainer via Text or email
  • Customized, Trainer-Led Workouts-Weights, Mobility, Balance and Cardio
  • Life/Wellness Coaching Session Every 3 Months
  • Pre-Paid and Pre-Scheduled in 1 Month, 3 Month, and 6 Month Increments